Umbrella (concession)


1m diameter (flat across bottom) canopy, segments are pink,purple,blue,purple repeated (8 segments total). "U" shaped handle. See Ebay item for further details:
IMPORTANT: for delivery, also purchase "Large Item Delivery" (from "Delivery" section) or the special USA-only delivery offer until 26 August noon; basic postage option is not enough. Otherwise, only customer collection is available (as arranged, T's and C's apply). Delivery will remain pending until arranged/full payment completed.
NOTE: the "2018 Bi+ Float activist/replace stolen,lost" rate requires recognition of who you are for 2018 first-bi-float activists, may need further communication to accept purchase (I lose a little money on this option, but that's fine if you're part of the amazing team who made it all happen).

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