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Pride umbrella (PRE-ORDER DEPOSIT)


PRE-ORDER DEPOSIT for pride umbrellas (batched backorders until production run feasible). Based on existing models sold worldwide 2018-2022. Expect a multiple month delay before purchase option available - possibly longer.
* Full deposit return within 2 weeks of purchase, by request (email londonbisexuals@gmail.com/by phone/in person with proof of deposit).
* After 2 weeks, deposit returned less £5 fee for costs/storage/time.
Maximum final price quoted in each variety's name; details available nearer time, you will be contacted by last known email/address/phone given and a new variety/option "finalise order" will appear to pay the rest (same price for all umbrellas).

I don't want to need deposits, but too many backorder requests don't materialise into paid orders, from experience; limited space for storage, hence deposits seed-fund the next order. More pre-orders = sooner & cheaper final order.

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